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Notice Anything Painful Or Unusual In Your Mouth? Don’t Procrastinate… See A Dentist Now!

When it comes to cleaning out the attic or facing that growing pile of laundry, many of us procrastinate, but that’s okay. What’s the worst thing that can happen? Our spouse gets a little aggravated about the mess; we have to wear those itchy socks that were stuffed into the back of the drawer. When […]

How Your Dentist Can Help With Canker Sores

While canker sores aren’t usually a serious problem, they can be bothersome and uncomfortable. Here are some facts that will hopefully enable you to better understand what they are all about and in turn, be useful in helping you treat or avoid them in the future. Two types of canker sores Canker sores are small […]

Dr. Steve’s Top 10 Reasons To Visit The Dentist Regularly

1) Help Prevent Gum Disease & Tooth Loss Gum disease is one of the leading causes of tooth loss. If diagnosed in its early stages (gingivitis), it can be treated.Waiting, however, can lead to a more advanced stage called periodontitis. 2) Screening for Oral Cancer Oral cancer can be deadly. However, if diagnosed early, it […]

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