Canadian Dental Care Plan

Canadian Dental Care Plan

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The Canadian Federal Government has announced plans to create the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP), which will provide dental care coverage to household incomes with an annual income of less than $90,000. As a first step in moving forward with this plan, it has created the Canadian Dental Benefit (CDB).

The CDB will provide tax-free payments to families to help cover dental care expenses for children under 12 years of age who do not have access to private dental insurance and whose family income is less than $90,000 per year. Note that dental offices are not able to accept payments from this plan. This plan is based on a reimbursement model whereby patients pay for their children's dental expenses up front and then apply through this program for reimbursement, if they are eligible.

For more information about the CDB and instructions on how to apply, please visit the Ontario Dental Association's webpage which answers frequently asked questions about the Canadian Dental Care Plan and the Canadian Dental Benefit.

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