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Good Dentistry: It’s Worth The Wait!

We live in a society that has made us all somewhat impatient. We all want and expect immediate gratification… fast food, three-minute insurance quotes, and I could go on. Unfortunately, when many aspects of dentistry try to jump on this bandwagon (or should I say speeding train!) the results in my opinion, can be quite […]

Do You Grind Or Clench Your Teeth? Some Facts On Bruxism…

Bruxism is not an uncommon problem, faced by as many as 20% of the population. Commonly known as tooth grinding or clenching, it is usually a nighttime activity and is classified as a sleep disorder and a habitual behaviour. “I Don’t Have Bruxism!” … Are You Sure? Unless someone observes you grinding your teeth in […]

The Latest Dental Research… And How It Applies To You

As a Dentist, I spend many hours reading dental Journals to ensure that I keep current in my field. Taking things a step further, I thought I’d share a summary of some of the latest research findings with you and provide some recommendations accordingly. Cheese may prevent cavities Journal: General Dentistry Summary: Researchers looked at […]

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