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Notice Anything Painful Or Unusual In Your Mouth? Don’t Procrastinate… See A Dentist Now!

When it comes to cleaning out the attic or facing that growing pile of laundry, many of us procrastinate, but that’s okay. What’s the worst thing that can happen? Our spouse gets a little aggravated about the mess; we have to wear those itchy socks that were stuffed into the back of the drawer. When […]

Dental Issues That Are Unique To Females

While we all know that women face different general health risks and illnesses than their male counterparts, many do not realize that females also face unique dental health issues. As a health care provider, I feel it is of paramount importance to not only be mindful of these factors, but to also educate patients accordingly […]

Does Your Mouth Feel Like A Desert? You May Have Dry Mouth Syndrome…

Also known as xerostomia, dry mouth syndrome is a condition associated with a decrease in saliva production. Aside from being irritating and uncomfortable, xerostomia can also compromise one’s overall general and dental health and wellbeing and should therefore never be ignored. Symptoms Some of the symptoms one may experience with Dry Mouth Syndrome can include: […]

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