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It Is SO Important For Pregnant Women and New Moms To Take Care Of Their Oral Health!

  There is so much for new moms and pregnant women to be vigilant about now that they are responsible for two lives instead of one! One thing that should never be forgotten about however, is their own wellbeing and this includes their oral health! This excellent article serves as a cautionary tale of what […]

Masks With Valves Do NOT Protect Others From Covid-19!

Please note that masks with exhalation valves not only do not protect others from Covid-19, but they can actually be more dangerous to others than wearing no mask at all! For this reason, please note that we cannot permit anyone from entering our office while wearing a mask with a vent. To learn more about […]

Brushing Your Tongue Could Help Prevent Covid-19

A recent scientific study suggests that people who were living with at least one person who tested positive for Covid-19 and brushed their tongue daily were less likely to become infected by the virus. While these results are not absolutely conclusive as of yet due to certain limitations of the study, tongue brushing certainly has […]

Got A Toothache? Don’t Let Covid-19 Prevent You From Getting Dental Treatment!

Like the dentist in this article, I am seeing – and of course treating –  a lot of broken teeth, abscesses and the like as I return back to work after our closure due to Covid-19. It’s imperative to the wellbeing and general health of my patients that these problems be dealt with properly and expediently […]

A Dental Visit Could Actually Save Your Life!

If you are putting off that overdue visit to the dentist, take a moment and think it through carefully, as this decision could impact your very life. Take for example, the story of this four-year-old girl from Washington. During a routine dental exam, her dentist discovered a tumour in her jaw which turned out to […]

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