Our Teeth Whitening Product Is A Hit With Patients!

spa_dent_coupleWhile bleaching has always been a popular procedure in my practice, as I gather would be the case with other practices offering cosmetic dentistry, there were always drawbacks to the tooth-whitening process. That is, until now.

I am absolutely thrilled – as are my patients – with Spa-Dent, a new product that is producing some pretty impressive results without all of the side effects and drawbacks of any of the other bleaching products on the market I have come across in my dentistry career.

spadentlogoNo – or virtually no – tooth sensitivity

Not one of my patients has experienced that uncomfortable and sometimes even painful feeling with Spa-Dent that is often caused by the other bleaches both during and after application.

Guaranteed effective

That’s right… Spa-Dent is guaranteed to make your teeth 2 to 8 times whiter. Patients have been thrilled by the instant results!

Fast treatment time

After only about one to three 20-minute appointments, you’re done!

woman smileLong-lasting results

The whitening effects of a Spa-Dent treatment typically last from two to six years and touch-up sessions can be booked to freshen up your smile from time to time.

Safe for teeth

A unique gel formulation which is activated by special blue and red LED lights penetrates but does not damage tooth enamel or affect porcelain caps, crowns or veneers in any way.

Helps promote good oral health

Spa-Dent not only removes stains, but it also helps to reduce plaque and bacteria within your mouth that can cause gum disease.


We offer Spa-Dent whitening at very competitive and surprisingly affordable prices. Call us for a quote!

Suitable for all ages

Adults and seniors love how a white smile minimizes the appearance of aging. Teens too love to look their best, especially before special events like graduations or proms.

Made in Canada

Spa-Dent was developed by a local scientist which I consider to be an extra bonus in that I always like to support local businesses!

Steven Deskin is a Branford Dentist in general practice.

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