Transform Your Smile With These Dentist- and Dental Hygienist-Recommended Products!

Looking for ways to improve your dental health? Check out these products that can help improve your smile and general oral health.

We want to emphasize that we do not personally endorse the quality or efficacy of any of the products listed, nor do we have any financial interest in the companies that sell them. Additionally, the stores and businesses we provide may not necessarily carry all of these products or offer best prices, and there may very well be other stores and businesses not listed here that may carry these items. Our goal is to provide recommendations for you to review and consider to see if they may be helpful to you. Our team members would also be pleased to discuss with you which products could best meet your dental needs.

Dental Floss Holders

The large handles make flossing easier for kids, elderly people or anyone with dexterity issues. Available at: Amazon, Shoppers, Walmart,


Colgate PreviDent 5000 Plus Toothpaste

Compared to traditional toothpaste, this has a higher fluoride content, which is ideal for patients who are cavity-prone. Available at: Amazon, Shoppers, Walmart,


Xpur Opti-Rinse Mouthwash

A fluoride mouthwash for patients who are more prone to cavities. Talk to our hygienists about which strength is right for you. Available at: Amazon, Shoppers, Walmart,


Biotene Products

Very helpful for people who experience dry mouth, these products can leave your mouth feeling moist and comfortable for up to four hours. Comes in mouthwash, toothpaste, lozenge and gel formats. Available at: Amazon, Shoppers, Walmart,



Available in various colours and formats, Waterpiks can be a great addition to your dental homecare routine. They are particularly helpful for individuals who have braces, implants or bridges in that they can remove big debris. Available at: Amazon, Costco, Shoppers, Walmart,


Oral-B Superfloss

With its stiffened end to clean under appliances, spongy middle to clean around appliances and regular floss to help remove plaque under the gumline, Supefloss is ideal for cleaning braces, bridges and wide gaps between teeth. Available at: Dollerama, Walmart


GUM Proxabrush

These are very proficient at cleaning in between teeth and under lingual wires and bridges. Our braces-wearing patients also find them to be extremely helpful in maintaining good oral hygiene. Available at: Amazon, Shoppers, Walmart


Oral B Electric Toothbrushes

Available in a variety of different models, the main benefit of all of these brushes as that they spin in a motion that helps remove plaque and stimulates the gums - neither of which a manual brush can do. Also, these electric brushes have a smaller head which makes brushing especially easier for people with smaller mouths and kids. Available at: Amazon, Shoppers, Costco, Walmart.


Philips Sonicare Electric Toothbrush

This electric toothbrush uses ultrasonic technology to help remove plaque and stimulate gums. Its longer brush head is similar to that of a a manual toothbrush and makes it easier to manage and good for people with larger teeth and mouths as it covers more surface area faster. It is also idea for older individuals and people who have challenges with respect to manual dexterity. Available at: Amazon, Costco, Shoppers, Walmart,


Crest 3D White Mouthwash

This peroxide-based mouthrinse is also alcohol-free, and assists with whitening and stain-removal while leaving your breath feeling cleaner and fresher. Available at: Amazon, Costco,Shoppers, Walmart


Tongue Scraper

Tongue scrapers are great for removing excess bacteria from your tongue, especially if brushing your tongue isn't an option due to a strong gag reflex. Available at: Amazon, Shoppers



Sulcabrush, a Canadian company has made this great tool for cleaning hard-to-reach areas around bridges and teeth, thereby reducing gingivitis and improving patient overall health. Available at: Amazon, Shoppers, Walmart,


Crest Gum Detoxify Toothpaste

This toothpaste helps neutralize harmful plaque bacteria below the gumline, thereby promoting healthier gums and general oral health. Available at: Amazon, Shoppers, Walmart,


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