Orthodontist Alternative

Orthodontist Alternative

Looking for a Brantford Orthodontist?

At Brantford North Dental, we offer an excellent and affordable alternative to an orthodontist. Dr. Steven Deskin is a general dentist who has extensive training and experience in various approaches to orthodontics. Dr. Deskin has studied under and been mentored by world-recognized orthodontists and other leading experts in the field of orthodontics from across Canada and the US.

Orthodontist Alternative

Affordability matters.

We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of a beautiful and healthy smile. That’s why we offer prices for orthodontics that are typically less expensive than those of an orthodontist. Come in for your free orthodontic consultation and find out just how achievable we can make orthodontic treatment with our flexible and convenient payment plans.

Our track record says it all…

When it comes to patient satisfaction, our long list of happy patients and healthy smiles says it all. Patients first come to Dr. Deskin for his comprehensive orthodontic treatment plans and competitive pricing, and then return with other family members for treatment and refer their friends after experiencing Dr. Deskin’s hands-on approach to orthodontics and witnessing their excellent results.

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