Jian and his beautiful daughters are all Dr. Deskin’s orthodontic patients, proving that you’re never too old to improve your smile!


Brantford Dentist, Dr. Steven Deskin, is a General Dentist who is highly trained and experienced in many different facets of orthodontics including:

Traditional wire and clear braces

Functional orthodontics which is ideal for kids as young as five years of age

Invisalign, also knowns as Invisible Braces. Dr. Deskin is an Invisalign Preferred Provider and as such, has overseen and continues to provide Invisalign treatment to a large number of patients who are straightening their teeth without wires.

Find out why braces for adults are becoming more and more popular at Brantford North Dental… there are now so many options for our adult patients and the best part is, no one even has to know you are straightening your teeth!


Why get your orthodontics done in the same place as your dentistry?

There are many benefits to getting all of your dentistry, including orthodontics, all in the same place including:

  • Convenience – Save time and gas, not having to run between offices for numerous appointments. We can do it all under one roof!
  • Cost effectiveness – Our rates for orthodontics are typically lower than those of an orthodontist.
  • A streamlined communication process between you and your dentist – the person who knows you, understands your goals, priorities and budget concerns.
  • A comprehensive approach to meet all of your dentistry needs under one roof with one dentist. Very often, a case will involve braces and bonding, for example. When Dr. Deskin provides orthodontics and other procedures and treatments to a patient, he creates and carries out the entire treatment plan, from start-to-finish, rather than a patient having to go from office to office and dentist to dentist for the various components of their plan.

Book your appointment today and find out how affordable and effortless it can be to straighten your teeth, improve your dental health, and get the smile you’ve always dreamed of with our many orthodontic options!

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