Brantford North Dental

June 10 2020 Patient Update

June 10, 2020


I hope you are doing well and in good health during these extraordinarily difficult and unprecedented times. I am so grateful to report that both my own family, as well as our BND work family are staying safe and doing well.

For the time being, I am continuing to address all of my patients’ dental emergencies remotely.  As a starting point I encourage you to please contact me on my cell phone at 289-439-6004 should you find yourself experiencing any oral pain or discomfort. Please remember that an untreated abscess or infection can very quickly turn into a serious and sometimes even life-threatening situation. I strongly encourage you to reach out to me immediately should you find yourself in such a predicament or are experiencing any other type of problem with your teeth or gums.

Moving forward, our team is working together in preparation for our office to reopen. When we have more specifics about precisely how and when this will happen, you will be hearing from me once again. Our goal as it currently stands is July 20th. Our website will be continually updated as we get closer to being up and running. Please rest assured that we are taking every responsible measure to provide time-sensitive dental treatment while at the same time minimizing risk to our patients, our staff and all of our loved ones.

I thank you for your patience as we continue to make modifications to our office’s policies and procedures, as well as take on the very challenging task of restocking our shelves with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including masks, gloves, etc. in that everything is now in very short supply and we donated much of our PPE inventory to Brantford General  Hospital in the early days of the Pandemic.

My staff and I are all very eager to get back to work, doing what we love and seeing the rewards of our efforts in our patients’ friendly smiles.

The safety and wellbeing of my patients, my staff and all of our loved ones has been and remains my top priority with respect to any decision-making regarding my dental practice. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to chat.  I thank-you for your ongoing patience as we continue navigating these uncertain waters together.


Dr. Steve Deskin
[email protected]
Cell: 289-439-6004

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