Do's and Dont's

Do’s & Don’ts

Orthodontic DOs and DON’Ts

If you wear braces or orthodontic appliances, DON'T:

  • eat hard foods like Doritos, crusty rolls, raw carrots, etc.
  • eat sticky foods like Fruit Roll-Ups, taffy, etc.
  • eat foods that you have to bite into with your front teeth like apples, pears, corn-on-the-cob, etc.
  • chew ice or gum
  • chew on inedible objects like pens or pencils
  • forget about your regular dental appointments. They are important for keeping your orthodontic treatment plan on track

If you wear braces or orthodontic appliances, DO:

  • make sure you get one of our complimentary ortho pouches, containing special floss, floss threaders, dental wax and other handy stuff to help you care for your mouth and braces
  • keep your mouth and appliances clean with regular brushing, flossing and devices like a Waterpik
  • wear your appliances and elastics as prescribed
  • keep any appliances safely in their cases when not being worn

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