Why To Get A Sportsguard That’s Fitted By Your Dentist

hockey_kidIt is so important that are kids are wearing the proper mouth protection while participating in any sport where a mouth injury can occur including football, field hockey, ice hockey, baseball, basketball, softball, wrestling, soccer, lacrosse, rugby, inline skating and martial arts. While there is an abundance of pre-made and “boil and bite” types of athletic mouthguards on the market these days, there are many advantages to going with one from your dentist that iscustom-made.

Superior fit and retension

They are therefore more comfortable and more effective. No matter what size your mouth is, it will fit perfectly.


Most store-bought mouthguards are either too tight or too loose. When they are uncomfortable, there is a greater chance they will not be worn.

Strength and shock absorption

The mouthguards that we use are double laminated for superior strength and shock dispersion.

Best protection against tooth damage

Because the stress of impact is distributed to the entire length of the tooth, there is a smaller chance for breakage.

Helps prevent jaw damage and concussion

While most people associate mouthguards with protecting teeth, they can also prevent jaw injury, bone and tooth root damage, and may even reduce the chances of a concussion.

Increased oxygen intake

This in turn enhances maximum performance and endurance.

Improved speech

Because the fit is better, articulation and mouth movement is easier and allows athletes to communicate confidently and clearly.

Care and wear

Before and after each use, mouthguards should be rinsed with cold water. They can even be cleaned with a toothbrush and toothpaste, and soaked in mouthwash. To minimize distortion and damage, do not leave in direct sunlight and avoid rinsing with hot water. Store the dried mouthguard in a firm, well ventilated plastic container.

Mouthguards can last for more than one season but they will wear out like any other sports gear, thereby becoming less effective. It should be replaced if it no longer fits, has tears or holes or is a source of discomfort. According to the Academy of General dentistry, almost one third of all sports-related injuries are dental in nature and an athlete is 70 times more likely to sustain a tooth injury when not wearing a mouthguard. These numbers serve as an excellent reminder to make sure that a mouthguard is on everyone’s back-to-school shopping list this fall!

Steven Deskin is a Brantford Dentist in general practice.

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